The Iranian Art Massage Institute mission massage education and promotion of health. Since 2009 its activities to nurture scientific experts and scholars and practitioners promote the health field has begun

Iranian Art Massage, strategy, goals and values by means of education and recruitment of experienced teachers and well-known in the field of massage, health of body and soul, traditional medicine and acupuncture and commitment to quality in the implementation of specialized courses, online put your policy. This new approach in education, by establishing a new movement, for professional courses and specialized applications in the field of massage, traditional medicine and acupuncture is evident

The training that motivated the development of applied concepts of health and the professional future better for students to be offered, can be helpful to those interested in the field of massage and traditional medicine to the capabilities of separate businesses, and in the competitive job market massage and medicine traditionally, the best

After years and invite Office organization and curriculum of vocational job training standard Member of massage country we decided to develop our cooperation with our colleagues in the field

Due to the variety of training courses at the vocational Country compilation have a school called “Honare Kohan School” in the beginning of 2016 we set up the quality of education in the areas of health, massage and traditional medicine help we greatly


Leadership Team

Gholamreza Azarhoushang
Chairman of the Board

MBA of Allameh Tabatabai University

Alireza Movahedi Naini

Master of Engineering
Public Relations Management Expert

Dr.Ali Saadatmand
Member of the Board and the Committee on Research and Education

Doctor of Medicine

Dr.Mohammadreza Movahedi
Member of the Board and the Committee on Research and Education

Doctor of Medicine

Lida Rahimi
Director of Womens

Public Relations Management Expert

ُُShahrooz Mohebbi
Member of the Board and the Committee on Research and Education

BSc Microbiology

Majid Movahedi Naini
Member of the Board and Chief Financial Officer

BA in English

Shahrzad Rafiee Naini
Member of the Board and the Committee on Research and Education

Master of Architecture

Shahryar Rafiee
R&D Manager

MBA of Oxford University
Advertising Management Experts

Our Mission

The best known educational institution massage and traditional medicine in Iran with deep influence on excellence and a culture of health in the community

Our Mission

Education, culture and dissemination of massage, traditional medicine and the health of body and mind continuously, functional and effective with lasting quality

Our Philosophy

We have to create a future strong stand, the evolution of human life and improve its quality, to expand the passion and love in a space as possible, to create admitted that the realization of these where possible

 ISO 10002 certification for management quality